Custom Plant Arrangements

Do you have a favorite container or vessel – perhaps a treasured keepsake? I will artfully transform it into a living arrangement adapted to your individual taste and am certain it will be a lovely addition to your home or office. My custom designs also make very special gifts!

General specifications for containers:

• Clean and in good condition
• Leak proof
• Rust proof
• Designed to contain liquid, food, or plants.

Note: The interior of some vessels may become tarnished or discolored after extended use as a plant pot!


  • I am seriously in love with my new terrariums!!! Check out! Her terrariums are super pretty and affordable!!!

    Staci, Gears of Crafting
  • I love love them. Absolutely perfect fit for room. Beautifully done!!! Thank you for wonderful work!!!

    Alissa, Chattanooga