Proper Lighting

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Place your terrarium near an east or west facing window or make sure it has sufficient light. Safely show off your Planted Pot in low or artificial lighting conditions for up to 2 weeks at a time. After this length of time, make sure to relocate your plant to a location where it will get sufficient amounts of natural light.

Note:  Plants may maintain a healthy appearance while in low light for short periods of time but ultimately cannot produce enough chlorophyll to maintain healthy, green leaves.

Please do not leave your plant in low light conditions for extended periods of time, as doing so may result in stunted growth, yellowing leaves, and eventual withering.

Placing your Planted Pot near extremely hot window locations may cause dehydration and yellowing leaves.

Watering Your Planted Pot {using a water dropper}

Buy 1 plant, get 1 water dropper free!  {Water droppers are liquid measuring devices that can be useful around the house as well as for keeping your new Planted Pot(s) happy.}

Water once weekly with filtered water.  Using your water dropper, apply two (2) pinches of water to the base of each small succulent and six (6) pinches of water to the base of each large succulent.  {Hint: large succulents usually have multiple, long stems and tons of leaves, running the length of each stem.}

Watering Tip:  Pick your favorite day of the week as your "watering day."  For example, I always care for my plants on Fridays {this way, I'm not tempted to over-water}. If you forget, no big deal... succulents are desert plants and naturally enjoy dryer soil conditions.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  I'd love to hear from you!