Variegated Sedum in Large Italian Glass Terrarium

    Elegant vintage Italian glass terrarium hosts delicate Variegated Sedum {Sedum lineare ‘Variegatum’}, three hens and chicks, dainty Hemlock cones, rice flowers, and Reindeer Moss.  Thoughtfully designed arrangement will be happy to catch the morning light atop your heirloom table or kitchen sill!

    Water once weekly with filtered water. Using your water dropper, apply two (2) pinches of water to the base of each small succulent and eight (8) pinches of water to the base of the sedum. Place your terrarium near an east or west facing window or make sure it has sufficient light. Please keep lid open for maximum air circulation.

    Base Width 6.75" / Height 11"

    Vintage Jar - Lid Inscription {Per Alimenti, Only Glass, fv, Made In Italy}