Ruby Red Succulent Set

Luscious ruby red sugar bowl and votive candle jar set paired artfully with fresh mix of bright green and red succulents!

Water once weekly with filtered water. Using your water dropper, apply four (4) pinches of water to the base of succulents in the sugar bowl and two (2) pinches of water to base of succulent in the candle holder. Do not pour water directly on plant leaves; tilt bowl or candle holder, if necessary, at the time of watering. Place your arrangements near an east or west facing window or make sure it has sufficient light.

Base width 3.25" Height 3.75" Candle Jar Dimensions: Base width 2" Height 3.5"

Vintage glass containers are part of a much larger glassware set on the market ~ referred to as the "Cape Cod Ruby Red Glassware Set" - introduced in 1977 by Avon